Website Design & Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in West Michigan

Your online marketing strategy is not going to return the results you need unless you have all the pieces in place. From social media to link building and beyond, Deerpath Web Design can help you create an effective website and complete digital marketing plan to achieve your online goals.

Digital Marketing

Deerpath Web Design takes a “holistic” approach to digital marketing, understanding that a professional website is just the beginning of an effective online marketing strategy. In addition to web design, we also specialize in SEO services and online digital marketing channels to create a comprehensive web presence for small businesses to compete in the online marketplace.

Website Design

An effective website is more than just a “pretty face.” Although layout plays an important role in customer conversion, content is the driving force behind getting traffic. From basic website packages starting at just $49/month to large custom designed websites, Deerpath Web Design has affordable solutions for getting your small business online.

Search Engine Optimization

“Content is King!” That is the developer’s rule for creating an effective online presence. But it is not just about words. Effective SEO incorporates content that appeals to people while also meeting compliance requirements for search engines both on your website itself as well as on external “off-page” sources that make up your overall online presence.

How “Safe” Is Your Website?

More and more, website security is becoming a major topic of discussion for small business websites. yet the truth is that a majority of websites are extremely vulnerable to being hacked. While no website is “hack-proof,” there are some things you should do to protect your small business website from being compromised and losing business as a result.

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