SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are becoming a necessary security feature if you want your website to be listed and ranked by Google.

As of late 2017, Google is now flagging websites without SSL certificates as “not secure.”  What this means is that your customers are losing trust in whether your website is safe to visit.  Google is also “slapping” websites that are unsecured in the rankings while boosting search rankings for secured websites.

Some browsers are already blocking access to unsecured websites, causing visitors to be turned away before they even see the first page of your website. So without an SLL certificate, your website is about to stop working for you.


What Is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is a digital file installed on your website’s hosting server that verifies the identity of your website and protects the information that is sent online to and from the website through a secure connection.  With an SLL certificate in place, your website will be safe for visitors to use and will get an added bonus in search rankings.

Deerpath Web Design has already helped a large number of clients secure their websites with SSL certificates.  Whether you have a small 5-page website or a large e-commerce site, we can help secure your domain and website with the right SLL certificate at a very affordable price.

Contact us today about securing your website with an SSL certificate.