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Deerpath Web Design provides professional Search Engine Optimization services for small businesses in Beaver County PA, and other western Pennsylvania communities.

With the millions of websites available on the Internet today, the search engine ranking competition has become a brutal battle in which only the fittest survive. In order to maximize your chances of gaining traffic from the search engines, your website must be optimized correctly.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Although Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component to bringing traffic to your website, the work involved in accomplishing effective SEO is misunderstood by a majority of people, including many “professional” web designers.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) refers to the process of creating the type and quality of web-based content that meets the standards for search engine placement and ranking, and then placing that content where and how the search engines expect to find it.

SEO is More than Meta Tags

Not that long ago, the focus of SEO was focused on having the right keywords and description in your meta tags. Although having the right meta tags with the right values are still a part of achieving quality search engine optimization, meta tags have decreased in significance drastically over the last few years, almost to the point of non-relevance.

Frequent Submission…Good or Bad?

Another common myth of SEO is that frequent submission to the search engines will get you a better ranking. This idea should be listed with all the other “urban legends,” because it is nothing but a myth. In fact, frequent submission of your site will actually negate good SEO by getting you “blacklisted” from directories and search engines, as most consider this practice to be “SPAM”. Deerpath Web Design ensures that your site is listed with the major search engines and then focuses on correct search engine optimization and internet marketing to promote high rankings.

What about “Keyword Stuffing?”

Since SEO centers around the keywords that make up the focus of your content, many think that stuffing web pages full of keywords will get you to the top of the search rankings.  Actually, “keyword stuffing” will get you just the opposite.  Google and other search engines have become sophisticated enough today to recognize artificial overuse of keywords, and now penalize websites that engage in the practice.

Effective SEO – What’s Involved?

Important factors contributing to successful Search Engine Optimization begin with what we call “internal” or “organic” SEO.  This includes the quality, amount and placement of relevant content on your website, as well as the actual programming of your website pages. How you treat pictures and navigation also have an effect on whether you make it to the first page of search results for specific keywords, or whether you end up buried behind hundreds of other websites.

The second part of effective SEO is comprised of all the factors outside of your website, or what is termed “external” SEO.  This would include business listings on local directory websites, and the quality and quantity of social media content and interaction. Even your digital marketing techniques and the quality of external links play a part in getting ranked, or in some cases being banned, by the search engines.

The short story is that there is a lot more to Search Engine Optimization than the average person, or web designer for that matter, may know how to accomplish. At Deerpath Web Design, our comprehensive SEO process is based on continuous research and adaptation to provide the most effective SEO results for our clients.

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