Domain Services

Domain Registration and Management

The first step of creating a successful website is choosing the right domain name. Your domain should accurately represent your business or organization, while at the same time being easy to remember for your visitors and clients.  Your domain name also plays an important part in how you are ranked in the search engines.

Domain Registration

While some domain registrars charge as much as $69.00 or more per year to register your domain name, we can register your .com domain name for only $24.99* per year. All you have to do is tell us the domain you would like to register, and we do the rest.

If you ever decide to use another company for website or domain services, we will do all we can to make the domain transfer as easy as possible.

All of our Pre-priced Website Packages include one free .com domain registration.

Domain Prices

  • .com – $24.99
  • .net – $29.99
  • .org – $29.99
  • .co – $49.99
  • .us – $24.99
  • .biz – $29.99

There are now hundreds of custom domain extensions available related to various types of industries and organizations, such as .attorney, .dentist, .church, .fishing, .pizza and many more. Since prices vary for different domain extensions, call us if you would like to register a custom domain.

Domain Management Service

Once your domain is registered through Deerpath Web Design, we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about your domain name for as long as you retain our domain services. We will take care of domain name settings, automatic renewals, updating contact information and any other details related to your domain for you as part of our continuous domain management service package. In addition, we will handle all the SPAM and solicitations from companies trying to trick you into giving them control of your domain.  And you get all of this service included as part of the original cost of registration or renewal–a great bargain for professional domain management services and complete peace of mind.

Domain Research – Included with Domain Registration

Unfortunately, millions of popular domain names are already registered, including the one that you may want for your website. Deerpath Web Design can help you find the best domain name for your website based on relevancy and availability. We will research your requested domain for availability, and provide the best options for your website. Best of all, we charge nothing extra for our standard domain research service, but include it as another reminder that we are committed to your online success.

Sometimes, through research, we find that a requested domain name is already registered, but available for purchase. In this case, we can help to negotiate a reasonable price with the seller and assist in the transfer of ownership, for a minimal fee.

Domain Renewal – $24.99/yr*(.com) 

If you have a registered domain name that is soon to expire or has recently expired, and you are not sure how to renew it, we can help. We will work with your current registrar to renew or recover your expired domain and maintain or restore its active status.
*Renewal of expired domain names or with a registrar other than ours may incur additional charges. Alternate domain extensions may have different pricing.)

Domain Transfers – $25.00 (+ domain registration cost)

We have learned through experience that some domain registrars are very difficult to work with. In some cases, once you have registered a domain name with them, they make it extremely difficult to change registrars or even access your domain in order to make changes. Deerpath Web Design has extensive experience with many different domain registrars in renewing or transferring domain names. With just a little information from you, we can contact your registrar and work with them to expedite a transfer of your domain to our registrar or the registrar of your choice, giving you back the control of your domain name.

Domain Recovery

  • Do you have a current domain name registered through another company with whom you are experiencing trouble communicating or other problems?
  • Has your domain registration company “hijacked” your domain name by registering it in their name and told you that you must continue to do business with them if you want to continue to use your domain?
  • Have you lost track of your domain name and which company it was registered through?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you can benefit from our Domain Recovery Services. Through our detailed research and negotiation process, we have helped many clients recover or regain control of their domain names from difficult situations, so that they are able to use their domains as they see fit rather than having to bow to the whims of their domain registration company.

Contact Deerpath Web Design today to register or renew your domain name.