Business Listing Management

Your business is being listed all over the Internet whether you know it or not?

Don’t believe me?  Click here to see how your business shows up on websites all over the internet.

Public business listings are being automatically created for your company without your input and are available for anyone to view online. Although having these listings can be great for your company, the truth is that when these websites generate listings, they are not careful to ensure that the details for your company are correct, which can actually end up being bad for your business.

The only ways to guarantee that your local business listings are correct are either to find, claim and correct each listing yourself, or to hire a specialist to do it for you.  Since most of us don’t have the time to manage listings on the myriad of local business directories online, Deerpath Web Design provides a solution that will automatically and accurately take care of them for you.

What Are Local Business Listings?

Local business listings compose a large part of the online presence of your business, as they highlight all the vital information about your company: name, physical address, phone number and other information that potential customers use to locate your business and discover more information about your business. Directories such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, CitySearch, etc., exert a huge influence on whether your business is correctly represented on the Internet.

Why Do Business Listings Matter?

Your local business listings are crucial for consumers to be able to easily find your business and contact or visit you. Each local business listing is like a doorway through which potential customers will find your business as they search for specific types of products and services in their local areas.

Consider this: if your business hours are incorrect on any of these listings, Google, Facebook and other websites could deter customers from contacting you during open business hours  when you are waiting for business to happen.

These local business listings are also extremely important for your search rankings. The data from these local directory profiles affects your positioning in local search results on Google and other search engines. If your information is incorrect, consumers who are searching for what your business provides will never see your business listed in the top search results. Especially when your business information varies from site to site, Google and other search engines consider dissimilar listings as different businesses, causing your business to lose value and placement in the SERPS. In addition, if your business ends up with duplicate or multiple listings in the same directory, especially when the details vary in each, it becomes confusing to both customers and search engines.

Why Do You Need a Business Listing Management Service?

It doesn’t necessarily take a rocket scientist to find and claim your local business listings to verify information, but it can turn out to be a lot more complicated than it sounds. The goal is not just to verify information, but to OPTIMIZE your business details so that your business is positioned to gain the best marketing advantage from each listing. Many times, well-intentioned business owners inadvertently end up making things worse by trying to fix things themselves.

The business listing management service that Deerpath Web Design provides can save you a load of time and headaches, while ensuring that your business is listed on all the top directory sites and giving you control over the all the details of your business that are displayed online. We connect with a long list of local directories to verify that your business is not misrepresented with wrong information. Future revisions of your information, such as a change of address or a new phone number, can easily be made and implemented to our entire network of directories through one simple interface.

Our business listing management service gives your local business a simple solution for managing local listing information across the internet so that you can focus on serving your customers rather than worrying about losing potential customers due to problems with your local business listings.

Contact us today to make sure your business listings are working for you and not against you!